Other Projects

SEED – Klang Games

SEED is an ambitious, large-scale, single-shard MMO simulation game. I’ve worked full-time as a game developer at Klang, a studio of around ~60 people, since late 2019.

  • Gameplay feature development: I plan, implement, test, and review new gameplay features based on design documents, along with a team of other engineers. These features span both client and server, include player controls, AI agent navigation, in-game purchases, object placement, and much more.
  • UI development: Working closely with UI/UX designers and game designers, I implement new UI features in-game. These include new windows, search views, HUD elements, minimaps, and much more.
  • Bug fixing: I collaborate with the embedded QA team to reproduce, investigate, and fix bugs in a variety of gameplay systems.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workgroup: Working with people across the organization, I helped to establish, and currently sit as the co-chair of, a workgroup for raising awareness of and sensitivity towards topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. One important role we serve is holding the executive team accountable for enacting meaningful change in the organization.


This educational app for preschool-aged children uses machine learning to provide relevant learning content to every child. I worked as a software engineer on this project between early 2018 and late 2019.

  • App activity development: I used C#, Unity, and a custom content manager to design, implement, and iterate upon learning activities.
  • Level design: Based on curriculum standards, I used spreadsheets, developed custom Python tooling, and worked with a custom content manager to plan and create a scalable, educational level progression. Iterated upon progression based on user testing.
  • CRM automation: Using Python, I built upon and developed new integrations between various AWS services, SQL databases, and a CRM frontend. This included: user scoreboards, payment reminders, and an automated customer-facing messaging system that gives users information about their usage data.

EiE.org (Drupal, Hubspot)

This national curriculum site serves 500k visitors/year. It allows teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals to learn about teaching engineering at the elementary level and to learn about our suite of free/paid curricula and supporting resources. I worked on this website between 2014 and 2018.

  • Webmaster: Oversaw content creation, revisions, re-organizations.
  • Redesign Manager: Lead re-architecture/redesign project. Liaised with OHO Interactive, internal stakeholders, and designers in agile process. Oversaw site-wide content revision.
  • Marketer: Managed implementation of Hubspot marketing platform with 50k subscriber list. Coordinated with Communications team to send out large mailings, blog posts, and Smart workflows.
  • Developer: Coded mobile responsive Hubspot landing page templates, new email templates, and a new blog template (working with designers and from scratch)

Original Site

EiE.org home page
EiE.org home page

Proposed Redesign

New global navigation
New global navigation

EiE Digital Storybook Platform (Heroku)

This browser-based platform was designed to serve 140k educators by providing them with a customizable storybook experience to extend their teaching of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. For this curriculum’s companion storybooks, this platform offers abridged versions, translations, text-to-speech read-alouds, accessibility options, interactive pop-outs, a digital glossary, and teacher-to-student sharing functionality. I worked with the development team for this platform from 2016 to 2018.

  • Technical Coordinator: Oversaw integration of platform with existing online presence. Facilitated connection between storybook platform and POS system.
  • Designer: Created mock-ups, wireframes, and designs for functionality of platform. Conducted market research to determine needs and best practices. Worked with developers to fine-tune UX, UI, and brand adherence.
  • Pilot Coordinator: Coordinated beta tests. Observed platform use in classrooms. Aided in creation of bug reporting functionality and feedback forms.
  • QA: Found and reported bugs in cross-platform usability tests.

2-page reading view with accessibility drop-down
2-page reading view with accessibility drop-down

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