Out, Damned Spot!


Out, Damned Spot!

Released: May 25, 2015

Platform: Unity (webplayer, Windows, Mac, Linux)

There are very few video games based on Shakespeare, for no clear reason I can determine. Shakespeare plays are, let’s be honest, more violent and bloody than many of the most violent games I can think of, and we all know how popular violence is.

This short action-stealth game was my entry into the second annual Public Domain Jam, a game jam (hosted by Gritfish) that encourages developers to explore some of the vast variety of independent properties in the public domain that AREN’T H.P. Lovecraft (as much as I love a good Cthulhu game).

In this game, I explore enemy AI state machines, 3D modeling and animation, and large-scale level modeling. I used entirely public domain assets (other than those I created from scratch), and released the source code as CC0! Give it a try!