Strange Gravity


Strange Gravity

Released: November 11, 2014

Platform: Unity (webplayer, Windows, Mac, Linux)

“Deeply refreshing.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Made in seven days for the 7DFPS challenge, Strange Gravity is a First-Person Shooter/ Real-Time-Strategy hybrid where you fling fungal spores between mini-planetoids.

It’s in a similar vein to Eufloria or Phage Wars – that is, it’s the unit management mechanic from games like Age of Empires … and not much more. You use your units to capture bases, and then those bases make more units. Once you kill all the enemy units, you win! It’s fun!

The entire game came together in 7 days, and the version you’ll find linked here is the original jam build, with just a few bug fixes.

This link brings you to the Unity webplayer, and this link has downloadable links for Window, Mac, and Linux.

Strange Gravity has been featured on: Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Destructoid, Popmatters, and IndieGameEnthusiast.
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