Writing Samples

Writing Samples

Cozy Martian Mysteries

These selection of dialogue snippets from my in-progress game “Cozy Martian Mysteries” showcase my comedic style and conversational pacing.

Abby: Did anyone tell you they were planning on breaking in to your jewelry shop?
Jeweler: Uh, no, they neglected to let me know beforehand.
Abby: Shame, that would've made our job easier.
Abby: What was stolen?
Jeweler: A bunch of particularly nice pieces of jewelry from the safe. Including my favorite piece.
Abby: What was it?
Jeweler: A nice piece of home-grown pyrite sculpted to look like ...
Abby: To look like what?
Jeweler: Well, it's kinda embarrassing.
Abby: Ah, say no more. I completely understand.
Abby: I'm actually quite familiar with pieces of jewelry shaped like butts.
Jeweler: Oh! Really?
Abby: Oh yes. Look here ... blast. I seem to have left my butt bracelet at home.
Jeweler: Shame. Anyway, no, the piece of pyrite was actually shaped like my face.
Abby: Your face?!
Jeweler: Yes, it's a little niche. Not many people wanted to purchase it.
Abby: Although at least one person wanted to steal it. And with that jawline, I can see why!

Martha: It looks like that's everything to find here. 
Abby: Shall we retire to our mind palace? 
Martha: After you! 
Jeweler: Leaving already? 
Abby: Oh, no. We're just going to stand in the middle of the room and go into a meditative trance. 
Martha: Thereby entering into a metaphysical representation of our memories, wherein we make deductions. 
Jeweler: ... 
Jeweler: Awesome. 
Abby: It is.
Jeweler: Can I come? 
Martha: You may not.

Abby: Looks like this leads up to the next car, Martha.
Martha: Look at that warning light, Abby. You know what that means? 
Abby: "Warning! Culprit in this direction?"
Martha: Likely not.
Abby: "Warning! Ladies over seventy only?"
Martha: I've never seen such a warning light, as useful as it would be.
Abby: "Warning! Lots of puppies behind this door?"
Martha: Basically, but replace "puppies" with "the cold vacuum of Mars."
Abby: I would never replace puppies with the cold vacuum of Mars! 
Martha: Regardless, there's no air behind this door. We'll need protection to keep going.

Air Slip

These dialogue samples from “Air Slip,” a mobile puzzle game prototype, showcase a goofier side of my writing, with more deliberate fourth-wall breaks to convey gameplay information amidst narrative silliness.

Captain: Sorry to have crashed into your home.
Sylvia: I can't believe you did that.
Captain: The good news is: we're evacuating, so you don't need your dented home any more!
Sylvia: That IS good news!

Scientist: Fascinating!
Captain: What? Did you read my diary? 
Scientist: No! We're now at a slightly higher altitude, and it's affecting our fuel usage.
Captain: Please explain. What is this 'fuel usage' you speak of?
Scientist: As long as we're at this altitude, we have SEVEN MOVES INSTEAD OF SIX!

Cynthia: What if we all moved underground? Wouldn't that keep us safe from the wind and mushrooms?
Scientist: I'm afraid not. The mushrooms came out of the ground, and I'm detecting disturbing readings from underground again.
Cynthia: Disturbing? Like, disturbing how cheap the real estate prices are underground?
Scientist: Almost exactly not like that. 

Captain: How are we doing, Navigator? 
Navigator: Quite well! We're about 75% done with this region.
Captain: Spare me the technicalities and percentages! I understand FRACTIONS ONLY!
Navigator: Apologies, Captain. I know what you've told me about using fractions on the bridge.

The Pursuant Monument

“The Pursuant Monument” is a graphic short story in the style of Edward Gorey’s comedic-macabre books, such as The Epiplectic Bicycle” and “The Gashlycrumb Tinies.” It features the characters from my game Catty Shack, and it utilizes the quasi-old-fashioned, verbose narrative style of its inspiration.