Prototypes and Side Projects

Untitled Gardening Adventure (C#, Unity)

  • Created advanced 3rd person camera with foreground culling.
  • Implemented branching dialogue (utilizing Yarn framework).
  • Created 3D models. Set up Mixamo animations with IK.
  • Prototype created in 2017.

T.I.M. (Televised Intelligence Manager) (C#, Unity)

  • Created entire game solo in 48 hours for Ludum Dare in 2017.
  • Programmed 3 distinct character controllers.
  • Wrote and recorded original narration.
  • Designed, built, and decorated 3D world.

It’s Not About the Aliens (Javascript, Unity)

  • Created entire game in April, 2014, not including subsequent updates.
  • Programmed physics-based 2D character controller with ragdoll mode.
  • Wrote original story told through dynamic in-game text.
  • Conceptualized and styled original sci-fi world.

Strange Gravity (C#, Unity)

  • Created in 7 days for 7DFPS in 2014.
  • Translated Galcon-style RTS mechanics to first person.
  • Programmed and balanced enemy AI.

The Sinking Feeling (C#, Unity)

Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb (C#, Unity)

  • Created entire game solo in 48 hours for Ludum Dare in 2016.
  • Wrote branching narrative with 6 alternate endings.
  • Recorded and programmed responsive narration.

Green Eyed Monster (Twine)

  • Created solo for Twine Mine Arms Shakespeare interactive fiction jam in 2015.
  • Wrote and programmed 20 different endings in a brief sci-fi game with puzzle and thriller elements.

The Practice Room (C#, Unity)

  • Created a binaural music experience utilizing the RealSpace3D audio plugin in 2015.
  • Created realistic 3D space with global illumination and screen-space reflections.

Out, Damned Spot! (C#, Unity)

  • Created solo in 10 days for the Public Domain Jam in 2015.
  • Programmed AI FSMs (enemy and companion) and stealth gameplay mechanics.
  • Modeled, textured, and animated all characters.

Eben’s Birthday Joyride & Eben’s Birthday Joyride 2
(C#, Unity)

  • Created as birthday gifts for a friend in 2015 and 2016.
  • Modeled, animated, and textured characters and vehicles.
  • Created unlockable vehicles with different abilities.
  • Programmed pooling endless world chunks and gradually increasing difficulty.

Bounce House of Fun (C#, Unity)

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