Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb

Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb

Released: April 18, 2015

Platform: Unity (webplayer, Windows, Mac, Linux)


“… a short, silly and very entertaining adventure that’s well worth your time.” – Alpha Beta Gamer

Ludum Dare is an enormous online game jam that happens a couple times a year. This most recent one (Ludum Dare 32, 2015) was the first one that I actually completed a game for, and I’m quite happy with the result.

The theme for this jam was “An Unconventional Weapon”, and I’m not all that keen on making games that have a lot of violence in them, so I picked a weapon that wouldn’t actually hurt anyone. The apathy bomb was born, which, as you can probably guess, affects emotion and motivation.

From here, I had the idea of borrowing structurally from The Stanley Parable, an excellent game which I highly recommend, wherein the game plays with the narrative and storytelling opportunities that arise when the narrator and the player disagree.

The game came together fairly quickly after that.

My favorite part of this game is my narration (which I suppose is good, because it’s pretty central to the game). Besides being a game developer, one of my dreams is to be a voice actor, so this was a pretty awesome meeting of worlds.

I feel like I captured the tone of The Stanley Parable really well, so I think it works well as an homage. But, I also feel like it’s different enough that you can still enjoy it without having played The Stanley Parable. Hopefully that’s true … Have fun finding the 6 different possible endings.

You can also check out some playthroughs of the game! I’ve embedded one below by Alpha Beta Gamer, but you should also check out these ones by Jenni Nexus, Hammy, Button Masher Bros, and Brapchu!

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