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Cozy Martian Mysteries (C#, Unity)

Cozy Martian Mysteries is currently in development. It’s a light-hearted, anti-capitalist, mystery game set in a post-policing utopia-in-progress on Mars. It stars two elderly lesbians who work as investigator-mediators when crimes crop up in their solarpunk city.

Air Slip (C#, Unity)

Air Slip is a light-hearted sci-fi puzzle adventure. Slide your airship through grid-based micro-puzzles to evacuate a sentient planet that’s against being colonized. It for mobile devices. The trailer can be found here.

  • Concept: Created original world and characters. Developed distinct visual style.
  • Gameplay: Designed and programmed full gameplay system.
  • Story: Wrote original story, full of jokes and absurd sci-fi characters.
  • UI: Designed, created, and implemented hand-drawn UI.
  • Level Design: Designed custom level-editing workflow and hand-crafted over 20 levels (at time of writing).

Catty Shack (C#, Unity)

Catty Shack is an hand-drawn, 3rd-person collect-a-thon released in 2017 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and WebGL. I made this game solo. It was nominated for Best Style in the 2017 Bit Awards.  If you’d like to watch the trailer, you can find it here.

  • Concept: Created, drew, and animated original characters. Designed and implemented style for hand-drawn world.
  • Gameplay: Designed and programmed 3rd person character controller, camera, AI cats, collectibles, dynamic bridges.
  • Level Design: Conceptualized, modeled, textured, optimized, and implemented 3D world. Created puzzles and collectibles to suit game flow.
  • UI: Designed and implemented user interface using UGUI, including main menu, pause menu, and HUD. Created dynamic map system.
  • Audio: Designed and implemented atmospheric ambient audio. Composed original background music.

Spider the Fox (C#, Unity)

Spider the Fox is a colorful, light-hearted, 3D platformer released in 2015 for PC, Mac, and Linux (and WebGL more recently). Megan Turner did some of the 2D art and textures, including the original character concept. Besides that and some free use pixel artwork, I did everything else. See the trailer here.

  • Story: Wrote the story, all dialogue, and all puns.
  • Environment Design: Created the concept for the world, modeled and textured all environments.
  • Level Design: Designed all puzzles. Balanced and paced the levels.
  • Gameplay Design: Designed and programmed 3D platformer controller (with specialized camera), vine mechanics, physics-based boat controller, and custom saving/loading/checkpoint system.
  • UI: Wrote and implemented custom dialogue system. Designed collectible HUD, main menu, pause menu, and options screen using UGUI.
  • Audio: Created many original SFX. Composed original score.

Sled World (C#, Unity)

Sled World, currently only a demo, is a third-person sledding game released for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2017. I made this game solo.

  • Character Controllers: Conceptualized and programmed…

    1. physics-driven sled controller
    2. on-foot controller (using Unity’s Character Controller)
    3. ragdoll controller

  • Models and Animation: Modeled environment, characters, props. Animated characters using Mixamo, FinalIK, and Mecanim.
  • Gameplay Design: Programmed versatile “mission” class and designed 6 varied missions.
  • UI: Designed and implemented HUD, main menu, tutorial, pause/options menu using UGUI.

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